Heritage Restoration understands that many personal items cannot easily be replaced, so it is our priority to provide you with fast, professional and high quality contents restoration services to save those precious items that are dear to you. If you need content salvage or restoration services in Western Washington, please contact Heritage Restoration immediately.  Our fast response time and a high-level of professional service is what you can expect from Heritage Restoration. Contents Cleaning and Restoration Process Heritage has a dedicated facility of over 11,500 square feet, space to clean, treat, dry, restore and store your belongings! We use specialized equipment, cleaners and treatment rooms, and track your personal possessions throughout the process. Smoke, fire and water create havoc with your things, let us professionally clean them and restore your life back to normal. An initial step of our contents restoration services is to pack-out the damaged items and deliver them to our office for thorough cleaning. Removing your items and transporting them to our facility provides us with a safer and more cost-effective location to perform our contents restoration work. To ensure nothing is lost during the contents restoration process, we perform a comprehensive pack-out and inventory of your items. Your items will remain stored in our heated facility until all restoration work is completed and can safely be returned to your property. Heritage will take every step necessary to safeguard your belongings and minimize any further damage. After content cleaning and restoration, your items are returned to your home or business and are once again inventoried to ensure that all items taken from your property are successfully returned.

Restoration and cleaning items can include items that restore and preserve your memories:




•Leather items

Fine Art & Collectibles


•Glassware, Fine China

•Document Recovery