We are advocates for the homeowner.

We work with your insurance company to ensure that you get equal value replacement for your damaged property.

Why We’re Different.

Heritage Restoration is a full service, independent restoration company.

We work on your behalf to ensure you understand every aspect of getting your home restored. As we have no commitments to any insurance company, we work hard to safeguard the interests and property of the homeowner. We live by our reputation and will continue to prove that our repair work meets the highest of quality standards.

Heritage Restoration would like to assist you. With our knowledge of the insurance industry and our proven experience as a full service restoration contractor, we would be pleased to help you restore peace of mind during disaster recovery situations.

One Stop Shop

  • From initial inspection to the final cleaning, Heritage Restoration can handle every phase of your home restoration.
  • Direct insurance billing
  • You will ONLY be charged your policy deductible. We will contact and deal with the insurance company on your behalf. No need to spend hours on the phone with service representatives, adjusters, or your mortgage lender
  • Priority belongs to the homeowner
  • You need to know your rights and responsibilities involving something as important as your home. We will inform you of your options, what you need to be cautious of and help you deal with any challenges along the way

What We Do

  • Secure the site against further damage
  • Inspect structural damage
  • Estimate cost to repair and/or clean personal property
  • Pack, transport, clean and store personal items in a dry and heated facility
  • Repair structure to like new condition and return personal property